We are a young start-up specializing in polyester-free golf clothing made from wood fibers. With our natural clothing we give your (golf) life more ease because we believe that the naturalness and serenity of the game of golf should also be reflected in your clothing.

In the world of paxariño, you don't just escape the stress of everyday life on the pitch, but rather by choosing your outfit.

Our story

A fixed idea

Summer 2020

Our story begins with this admittedly rather amateurish drawing, which was created after a range session with golf friends. Sebastian had the idea of ​​starting a golf clothing brand.

It's always a garage

Fall 2020

A short time later he contacted his good school friend Cedric, a talented designer and photographer. Together, they analyzed existing brands' clothing and developed the concept into a natural golf clothing brand that would solve the sportswear industry's biggest problem. Paxariño was born in Sebastian's parents' garage.

The problem

Winter 2020

All other golf brands use polyester almost exclusively, because polyester is cheap and easy to process. The harmful chemical fiber, made from petroleum, non-biodegradable and demonstrably harmful to health, can now be found in 90% of all sports clothing.

Their production pollutes the air and poisons water. Every wash cycle releases harmful microplastics that cause massive damage to ecosystems. Thousands of people have allergic reactions to clothing and tons of plastic waste remains in the environment forever...

The solution

Spring 2021

The solution to the problem lies in our forests: TENCEL™, made from sustainably sourced wood fibers, is highly functional, natural and biodegradable.

The decision

Summer 2021

After they finally found the right material, things became more concrete: Cedric drew designs, Sebastian learned to sew and a few weeks later they made their first prototype using Cedric's grandmother's sewing machine. The feedback from many golfer friends was overwhelming: “It feels so good. I never want to take it off again.”

So they decided in mid-2021 to found the start-up paxariño and go into series production with a Portuguese production partner. To this day, all of our clothing is made by hand in the small family business in Braga, north of Porto.

The first collection

Fall 2022

The euphoria was great because the first half of the first collection called revolución was released in autumn 2022. It is characterized by unusual cuts and unusual golf colors and, in combination with the extraordinary TENCEL™ fiber, represented a revolution in golf clothing.

A long summer

Summer 2023

The second half of the first collection called origén was released in spring 2023. It is a homage to Cedric's Galician roots. A combination of tradition and natural innovation.

With the first GREEN GOLF TOUR, Cedric and Sebastian traveled to the golf courses in northern Germany and sold natural golf clothing to interested golfers. The crowning glory was the GREEN GOLF CUP, the first tournament of our own.

Die dritte Kollektion

Spring 2024

The second collection coastal whispers will be released in March 2024. It is the first part of a four-part series of collections with follow-ups in May, August and December. coastal whispers is an invitation to a tropical paradise. It gives your (golf) life more ease and lets you escape the grayness of everyday life.

This year paxariño will be at all major trade fairs and the two German European Tour tournaments to bring the message of more lightness and serenity, the message of from nature to you, to the golf world.

Our founders

  • Sebastian Reetze, CEO

    Sebastian has been a passionate golfer for 20 years. He studied sports management in the USA thanks to a golf scholarship. He continued this in Germany, worked part-time in the management of a golf club and finally founded paxariño in 2021. He takes care of operations, sales and marketing and meticulously tests the performance of every new product.

  • Cedric Fernandez, Creative Director

    Cedric has Spanish roots, a great passion for sustainable fashion and uses his creative talent to design comfortable and plastic-free golf clothing. He has been an enthusiastic sportsman since childhood and studied graphic design & photography. He takes care of everything creative, designs the clothing and is responsible for the corporate design.

  • Joshua Gensrich, Head of Sales

    Joshua hat Wirtschaftsinformatik studiert und ist sein Leben lang begeisterter Leistungsschwimmer. Er hat in verschiedenen Unternehmen im Vertrieb gearbeitet und macht dies auch bei paxariño.

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