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Our vision of naturalness and serenity

From an ecological point of view, the biggest problem with conventional golf clothing is the use of polyester (100% plastic). With every wash, microplastics get into the water, which causes massive damage to animals and nature, but also to our bodies.

Our vision is to preserve the beauty of the oceans by ending plastic pollution from the clothing industry. Even if we are "only" a small fashion company, we want to be a pioneer for the entire industry and declare war on plastic along the entire value chain:

The problem

Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum. It is chemically processed, is not biodegradable and has been proven to be hazardous to health. The harmful chemical fiber is cheap and easy to produce and is therefore produced in millions, used by all golf brands and can now be found in over 90% of sports clothing.

The production pollutes the air and poisons water. Every wash cycle releases harmful microplastics that cause massive damage to ecosystems. Thousands of people have allergic reactions to clothing and tons of plastic waste remains in the environment...

What harms the environment also harms the body. Polyester does not wick away moisture to the outside and thus damages the skin climate, prevents natural temperature regulation and causes skin irritations. In addition, it offers a large attack surface for bacteria and therefore develops unpleasant odors after a short time.

The solution

We create eco-friendly golf apparel that benefits athletes while protecting the planet. For this we rely on natural materials such as TENCEL™ and organic cotton and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. The entire value creation process is in the EU and our clothing is manufactured under fair conditions in Portugal.

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  • Airy

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Made from wood fibers, TENCEL™ is the highly functional, natural and biodegradable alternative to polyester. The wood (primarily beech) comes from sustainable European forestry (Bavarian Forest and Austria) and is processed into TENCEL™ fibers at Lenzing in Austria.

TENCEL™ is not only natural, but thanks to its functional properties it is also particularly suitable for golf clothing.

The manufacturing process

Pulp is extracted from the wood using an organic solvent. In a closed cycle in which both the solvent and the required water are recycled, the cellulose is then spun into a fiber that can be further processed into yarn and fabric. The unneeded remains of the wood are used in in-house biogas plants to generate energy for production, which reduces CO² emissions by 50%.

Golf clothing made from TENCEL™

Golfbekleidung aus TENCEL™ ist nicht nur nachhaltig und umweltfreundlich, sondern auch sanft zur Haut, leicht und atmungsaktiv. Sie vermindert Schwitzen, verhindert Schweißgerüche und ist biologisch abbaubar.

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  • Naturally

  • Soft

  • Antibacterial

  • Warming

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Organic cotton is a sustainable alternative to traditional cotton, which is made from plant fibers from the cotton plant. The main difference is that organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms. Approximately 90% less water is required than when growing conventional cotton. This reduces environmental impact and protects the health of farmers.

Organic cotton is softer, more breathable and more skin-friendly than conventional cotton. Thanks to its natural insulating properties, it is able to retain heat while wicking moisture away from the skin. Ideal for warming golf clothing.

Golf clothing made from organic cotton

Golfkleidung aus Bio-Baumwolle ist weich, atmungsaktiv und hautfreundlicher. Dank ihrer natürlichen isolierenden Eigenschaften ist sie in der Lage, Wärme zu speichern und gleichzeitig Feuchtigkeit von der Haut abzuleiten.

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Made in Portugal

Our clothes are handmade in a small family business in the north of Portugal. Here traditional craftsmanship meets the highest quality. The seamstresses benefit from fair working conditions and are paid well above the legal minimum wage.

We collect river plastic

In collaboration with Plastic Fischer, 1KG of river plastic is collected for every item sold and either thermally used or recycled.

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Sustainable packaging

Our mailing bags are made from environmentally friendly grass paper, are plastic-free and completely recyclable. They leave little air space and ensure that the garments do not require any additional packaging. Shipping is also climate-neutral thanks to DHL GO GREEN.