The biggest problem with conventional sportswear is the almost exclusive use of polyester. And polyester is pure plastic. What's the problem with plastic in clothes? Microplastics gets into the water with every wash. Microplastic that harms our bodies and, above all, nature and animals. Even the use of recycled polyester does not change this.

Our simple solution? Plastic-free and natural fibers. We use only organic cotton and highly functional yet silky soft wood fibers (TENCEL™). This simple switch saves us nearly 90% water, emits less CO2 and provides biodegradable clothing, free of harmful microplastics.

  • TENCEL™ fibers

    These fibers are obtained from beech wood from sustainable European forestry and processed in a closed loop with low water consumption and no chemical solvents. They combine functionality and naturalness and lie on the skin like silk. They offer a very comfortable wearing sensation, regulate moisture and are breathable.

  • Organic cotton

    The production of organic cotton does not use artificial fertilizers and pesticides and requires about 90% less water than regular cotton. Therefore the finished product is still just as natural as the raw material itself. Workers on the plantations and in the factories are paid fairly and benefit from fair working conditions.

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There is nothing better than fair competition between athletes. That should also apply to their clothing. That's why we produce our clothes in small family-run factories in the north of Portugal, ensuring fairness throughout the entire production process. Our natural wood fibres (TENCEL™) are made in Austria from beech wood from sustainable European forestry and our organic cotton comes from plantations where workers benefit from fair working conditions.

Short delivery routes, fair payment for workers, 100% transparency in the entire process of production and pricing. You choose your new favourite product and we make sure you can exercise with a clear conscience.


Sustainability begins with the extraction of natural raw materials and does not end with the completion of eco-friendly clothes. The final step is eco-friendly shipping to your home.

Our shipping bags are made from 100% eco-friendly grass paper in Germany and are completely plastic-free. They leave little air space and thus offer us the possibility to avoid further repackaging of the individual pieces of clothing. Also all free enclosures and the personalized greeting card are made of recycled paper.

This way we make sure that your new favorite piece arrives safely and climate-neutral within 2-4 days thanks to DHL GO GREEN.