Our brand paxariño was born in 2021 from the shared love of sport and the deep connection with the environment of two school friends. We noticed a problem that was very present in the golf fashion industry in particular: every manufacturer produced golf clothing made exclusively of polyester. This fiber, made of pure plastic, not only takes hundreds of years to decompose, but also actively contributes to environmental destruction even before that. Even recycled polyester, which is described as sustainable, is little better in this regard, as it releases harmful microplastics into the environment with every wash.

We realised that golfers who care about the environment had no choice but to compromise on style and performance. We knew we could do better.

With paxariño, we offer a solution to this problem by creating fashionable clothing that is natural, plastic-free and sustainable while offering functional properties. We searched for a long time for the best material for this combination and finally decided on TENCEL™, an incredibly soft and functional fabric made of wood fibres, the production of which requires 90% less water compared to conventional textile production and saves 50% CO2.

But for us, paxariño is more than just a clothing brand. We believe that everyone can contribute to a better future and we want to inspire golfers to make sustainable choices. We know that even small actions can lead to big changes, so we offer garments that help people do just that. So we don't just sell golf apparel, we sell a sustainable lifestyle that golfers can be proud of. With every product we make, we help reduce the environmental impact of the golf industry.

So join us on our mission to give all golfers the opportunity to choose natural, plastic-free golf apparel - one golf swing at a time.

  • Sebastian, Co-Founder an CEO of paxariño.

    Sebastian Reetze, CEO

    Sebastian has been a passionate golfer for more than 20 years and played competitive golf for six of those years. After graduating from high school in 2016, he got the chance to study sports management in the US and play college golf at the same time thanks to a golf scholarship. He continued his studies in Germany and worked part-time in the management of a golf club.

    In 2020, he had the first rough idea for a golf fashion brand that was different from anything that had existed on the golf market before. Thanks to his long time as an active player and the experience gained from working in management, he was aware of the problems in the golf clothing industry, but it was only after in-depth research with his school friend and later co-founder Cedric that he became aware of their extent: traditional golf clothing sticks uncomfortably to the body, does not allow the skin to breathe and stinks badly after a short period of exertion. And all this is due to the exclusively used environmentally harmful plastic in the form of polyester fibres.

    So the golf fashion industry not only had an obvious style problem, but also a significant impact on environmental destruction. Since no other company seemed to care, he decided to do it himself together with Cedric and founded paxariño.

    In the company, he takes care of the operational business, sales and marketing, and meticulously tests every new product for its perfomance.

  • Cedric, Co-Founder an CCO of paxariño.

    Cedric Fernández Fernández, Designer

    Cedric has Spanish roots, a great passion for sustainable fashion and uses his creative talent to design stylish, comfortable and natural golf clothing that reflects his values.

    This is also how he came up with the name paxariño, as it links his roots to golf. paxariño comes from Galician and means birdie (a particularly good score in golf).

    His unique perspective, informed by his bachelor's degree in graphic design and photography, allows him to create a distinctive aesthetic and visual identity for the brand. He has been an avid sportsman since childhood and is still active in various sports such as handball, skiing and snowboarding. This and a passion for sustainable fashion inspired him to start a golf fashion brand with his school friend Sebastian that is both cool and eco-friendly.

    Thanks to his Master's degree in Madrid, he brings fresh ideas and inspiration to the brand, making paxariño a pioneer for a sustainable future in the golf industry. In the company, he takes care of everything creative.

    He designs the garments, produces the social media content, is a photographer and videographer and responsible for the corporate design.

Behind the name

The word "paxariño" has a special meaning and is connected to our designer's family history. Cedric picked the name "paxariño" because it is the Galician term for "birdie," and his grandparents are from Galicia, Spain. The name not only pays homage to Cedric's background, but also expresses our brand's commitment to sustainability, just as a birdie in golf represents a fantastically played hole.