From an ecological point of view, the biggest problem with conventional golf clothing is the use of polyester (100% plastic). With every wash, microplastics get into the water, which causes massive damage to animals and nature, but also to our bodies.

Our vision is to preserve the beauty of the oceans by ending plastic pollution from the clothing industry. Even if we are "only" a small fashion company, we want to be a pioneer for the entire industry and declare war on plastic along the entire value chain:

100% natural materials

For you and our environment


TENCEL™ is a beech wood fiber from sustainable European forestry. It is processed in a closed cycle without any chemical solvents and thus saves 90% water and 50% CO2 compared to conventional textile production. It is silky soft on the skin and offers you optimal freedom of movement, exceptional breathability and active sweat reduction when playing golf.

Organic cotton

No artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used in the production of organic cotton and it uses around 90% less water than conventional cotton production. The workers on the plantations and in the factories are paid fairly and benefit from fair working conditions. It is cuddly soft on the skin and offers you pleasant warmth when playing golf, natural sun protection and optimal air circulation.


From raw material extraction to shipping to your home.

Fair production in the EU

We ensure fair working conditions and pay and protect the environment thanks to short delivery routes and the absence of any chemicals:

  • The beech wood for the TENCEL™ fibers comes from Eastern Europe.
  • The organic cotton is grown in southern Spain.
  • The TENCEL™ fibers are manufactured in Austria.
  • The fabrics are processed in northern Portugal.
  • The garments are made in northern Portugal.

You choose your new favorite product and we make sure that you can go golfing with a clear conscience.

Sustainably packaged and quickly with you

Our shipping bags are made from environmentally friendly grass paper in Germany and are plastic-free. They leave little air space and thus offer us the opportunity to avoid further repackaging of the individual garments. All free inserts and the personalized greeting card are also made from recycled paper. This is how we ensure that your new favorite item arrives safely and climate-neutrally within 48 hours - thanks to DHL GO GREEN.