Our paxariño brand was born in 2021 from a shared love of sport and a deep connection to the environment. We wanted to produce golf clothing that combines functionality and sustainability - plastic-free.
But paxariño is more than just a clothing brand. We want to inspire golfers to live a sustainable lifestyle they can be proud of. With every product we make, we help reduce the environmental impact of the golf apparel industry. So join us on our mission to make the golf apparel industry greener.

Get to know the founders

Sebastian Reetze, CEO

Sebastian has been a passionate golfer for 20 years. Thanks to a golf scholarship, he studied sports management in the USA. He continued this in Germany, worked part-time in the management of a golf club and finally founded paxariño in 2021. Im Startup takes care of the operational business, sales and marketing and meticulously tests each new product for its performance.

Cedric Fernández, Designer

Cedric has Spanish roots, a great passion for sustainable fashion and uses his creative talent to design stylish, comfortable and natural golf apparel. He has been a sports enthusiast since childhood and studied graphic design and photography. In the startup he takes care of everything creative. He designs the garments, produces the social media content, is a photographer and videographer and is responsible for the corporate design.